Studio Liability Release

All studio purchases including Memberships and Private Training Packages are processed in-house at our studio in Rankins Lane. Please do not sign up for an account unless you have purchased and activated your Membership or Package with us in person.


At Apparatus Private Studios, while we practice and genuinely believe in the premise of goodwill, the reality is that in order to provide our recreational services, we are also subject to legal requirements under Victorian and Australian Law.

These govern how:

- our services are provided or supplied to you
- your understanding of your participation in those services and how the affect you

There are risks involved in physical training. These risks can result in minor or serious injury, or in rare cases, mortality. It is important that you understand that you are exposing yourself to these risks by participating in physical training or semi-private (group) exercise at Apparatus Private Studios.

I acknowledge that by participating in physical training and semi-private (group) exercises at Apparatus Private Studios that I am subject to associated risks.

I also acknowledge and understand the following in relation to my participation:

- I may be required to undertake a pre-exercise screen
- I know of no medical or other reason that prevents my ability to exercise
- Apparatus Private Studio instructors are qualified to instruct and advise me in regards to my participation; however, they are not qualified to give medical advice and no advice should ever been taken in lieu of concerns that require the consultation or advice of a medical professional
- I have the right to refuse First Aid assistance or treatment
- In the event that I am incapcitated and unable to give consent for First Aid, and there is potential for my condition to deteriorate (such as risk of further harm) the Good Samaritan Law will take effect and First Aid will be administered
- I may cease my participation at any time
- I am responsible for my physical representation of my ability to participate and that my participation may exacerbate any undisclosed injuries
- An Apparatus Private Studios instructor reserves the right to refuse my participation if I am at risk of injury, exhibit signs of distress, illness, or if I refuse to follow instruction
- I should not unnecessarily bring valuable items into Apparatus Private Studios

Terms & Conditions/Policies (Membership, Pass or Private Training)
All Memberships, Pass or Private Training options are subject to the following Terms & Conditions. Please keep these in mind when making changes to your financial institution or making travel plans.

For our full Terms & Conditions please visit:

A Late Cancellation is considered 12 hours or less prior to a session/class beginning time and indicated on the Apparatus Private Studio schedule.

A No Show is indicated by a client booking into a session/class and then:

a) not cancelling their booking
b) not otherwise notifying the studio

Both Late Cancellations and No Show/s incur a $30 fee in addition to any Membership fees. (In the case of a Pass, a single Pass will be forefeited.)

Private Training
All Private Training sessions require a minimum of 24 hours to reschedule.

Late Payment/Dishonour Fees ($9.95)
If a payment fails to authorise for any reason, late fees up to the value of $9.95 will apply to cover failed payment fees charged by our payment gateway provider.

Suspensions ($20/month)
Notice required by email up to 30 days prior to the next billing cycle.
E.g. If your billing date is 14th Februrary, then you must submit your request via email by 14th January at the latest.

All Membership Cancellations require notification by email to terminate up to 30 days prior to the next billing cycle.
E.g. If your billing date is 14th Februrary, then you must submit your request via email by 14th January at the latest.

3, 6 and 12 Month (or any minumum term contract) Memberships are subject to a $99 cancellation fee if terminating before the contract end date.

All Membership modification/change requests must be submitted in writing to in order to be confirmed and processed.


At Apparatus Private Studios we strive to provide our recreational services in accordance with duty of care. We encourage all clients to treat themselves and their bodies with kindess to cultivate a positive approach in their pursuit of improving their physical fitness.

Requests for assistance and questions are always welcome. And while it is not a legal requirement, our services will always be provided with a smile.

By ticking the box or signing the form, I acknowledge and understand the risks involved with participating in the recreational sevices provided by Apparatus Private Studios. I also accept the Terms & Conditions of my Membership, Pass or Private Training Package and its usage at Apparatus Private Studios.

These Terms & Conditions are also applicable upon studio entry or session participation.